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Entrolinkz services is a multi sectoral service driven organisation, we bring the world closer by linking individuals, groups and corporate entities to their needs from one platform. Our ultimate goal is giving or proffering solutions to the problems and challenges people and businesses faced or encounter as well as being the line that links concepts and contacts together and create mutual business relationships all over the world.

Our Services

We believe in giving our very best in service to humanity…

Hotel Booking and Reservation

Let us plan your vacation, holiday, business trip etc, with a reasonable budget… Our services in Nigeria covers the 36 states plus Abuja…

people search

Job Sourcing | Finding Your Dream Job

There’s no difference between not applying for a job and applying for a job one isn’t qualified for…

business plan

Management & Employees Training | Coaching

..if your boss keeps telling what to do, how and when to do it then you are already a candidate for sack…

startup life

Entrepreneurship | Skill Acquisition

Skill enhances worth or value, and your value determines your pay..


SMSE | Business Startup

The main reason of having businesses in our society is to solve problems or proffer solution to an identified challenge(s)…


Our services covers legal advice, company profiling, proposal and bidding, supply chain etc.

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